A family car worth all its money – Honda Odyssey

A family car worth all its money – Honda Odyssey

Posted on Aug 28, 2017 in Family

If you happen to be in the situation of looking for a car that can be both powerful, good looking and suitable for a numerous family, then you are in the right place. The new Honda Odyssey is specifically designed for meeting all the expectations of a family who loves travelling by car and enjoys comfort at its best. Regarding Edmunds opinion on the Honda Odyssey this car is the most appropriate choices you can make in terms of budget, even if you are thinking about a used car. Honda is well-known for producing quality cars which last years and years after you bought it.  Most of the existent car owners take good care of their cars, reason for buying a second hand one can actually be more beneficial than you thought. Here are some features of this Honda that will make you want to buy it ASAP:


The Honda Odyssey is beautifully structured and it comes with a seating option that will surely come in handy when you’ll have to take your kids to a long ride. In the back you will be seeing a removable folding split bench which provides extra storage capacity when needed. Both the driver and the front passenger have the possibility to use the included armrests for comfort and stability. The leather and metallic details on the interior give the 2018 Honda a luxurious aspect any driver would desire for his car.

Engine, transmission and safety

For such a spacious car it will be needed a powerful engine: a 3.5 litre v6 with a mesmerizing number of 24 valves. What do impress Honda Odyssey buyers are its nine-speed automatic SBW system transmission and the 20 gal fuel tank capacity. When talking about safety this is what makes this car extremely suitable for a family: safety matters. Besides the usual VSA, ESC and ABS systems included, the Honda Odyssey is equipped with a blind-spot information system and a collision mitigation breaking system for avoiding any kind of unfortunate event in traffic. Plus, there are rear child safety locks to use on long drives for the little ones and avoid worrying too much about it.

To sum it up, the features and specifications of this car recommend it as a family one. The Honda Odyssey will change your perspective towards mini-vans and make you understand the fact that power doesn’t always mean a sports car.