How to pair the wedding suit with the bridal dress

How to pair the wedding suit with the bridal dress

Posted on Apr 13, 2017 in Family


If there is a thing, every one considers important at a wedding that is the way their photos look. No one wants to have bad pictures because the groom’s suit and the bride’s gown do not match. You should definitely avoid this situation. Yes, the dress itself may look amazing and you may look like a Greek god, but when you take pictures together, you look horrible as a couple. You will ruin the vibe of the wedding in this way, so you should make sure that when you wedding suit hire you talk with your bride, and decide together the way your outfits will look. Here are some tricks that will help you look amazing on your wedding day.

Make sure you have a wedding theme

There is no other simpler way to match your suit with the gown of the bride, than starting to plan your wedding according to a theme. For example, a great option is to match your wedding outfits to the season. If you have a fall wedding then you can use yellow and orange themes. If you organise your wedding during summer, then you should opt for pastels, bright hues and regional flower colours. In case you want to have a modern themed wedding, then you can opt for rock star wedding, forest setting or whatever idea crosses your mind.

The bridal dress should be bought first

Once you have decided the theme of the wedding, the bride can make appointments to try dresses. There are so many styles and colours, the bride will find hard to decide. But it is crucial to let her buy the dress before you hire your suit, because you have to be sure that it will match it. Every shade can be broken into two colours, so if she has a pink gown, then you do not have to hire a suit in the same colour, you have the possibility to try a burgundy outfit.

Choose a suit that complements the dress of the bride

It can be difficult to choose a suit if the dress comes in a special design. But, you have to keep in mind some factors that should influence your choice. You do not have to choose a suit that features the same colour as the bride’s dress. You have the possibility to match it with the help of the accessories you wear. You can match the dress by wearing an undershirt that features the same colour or model. Also, you can choose a tie or bowtie that has a flower pattern, in case you have a summer wedding.