How to teach your children the money lesson – Small family business ideas

How to teach your children the money lesson – Small family business ideas

Posted on Jun 21, 2017 in Home Improvement

Having a small family run business might be the perfect opportunity to teach your children one of the most important lessons they will ever learn. However, before all, make sure that you consult a specialist that will be able to advise you in the best way possible. However, 1031 exchange accommodators you will have the opportunity to teach your child an important lesson. Below are some ways in which you can use this tool for this purpose.


1. Swap your current business for a restaurant

By using the Section 1031 you can swap your current business, tax-free, for a restaurant. Hire a consultant for guiding you in the process. The restaurant business is perfect if you want to teach your children how difficult it is to manage a business, the enormous amount of efforts you have to put in it for making it productive, and how to handle customers of all kinds at the same time. The restaurant industry is perfect for getting to know diverse customers, learning strategies to influence their decisions and the 1031 section is the perfect tool for entering in the industry. You can swap whatever properties you like, tax-deferred, as long as they have similar market values. Only make sure you find a reliable consultant for this purpose, because the process, although is not very difficult, there are some exact steps you must follow.

2. Teach them about the Section 1031 itself

Well, if you prefer investing constantly in tax-deferred property exchange, you might want to consider teaching your children some basic guidelines the program has. Teach the important aspects they should pay attention to when handling these exchanges. For instance, they should pay attention to the number of years of owning a property before swapping it for a replacement one. The debt or mortgage amount for their property and replacement one. Very specific details about these types of property exchanges, if a property fits the criteria that apply to them, the timeframe they must follow in the process. They can learn them all by watching you managing such investments, or you can have them speak to a professional consultant in the matter. Teach them how to predict the market’s needs in the following years and how to prepare their investments depending on it.

3. Make your entrance in the cinema business

Another great family-run business in which you can teach some important lessons is a cinema business. Here you can teach them how difficult it is to keep up with the requirements in the industry and to keep in great shape a theatre. The main lesson is that hard work is always required to succeed with your goals and your children will surely appreciate it later in life. Children working easy tasks even at a young age have more chances to develop into successful, yet humble adults.

These are some business ideas you could invest in by using the 1031 Section. They will help you teach your children some truly valuable lessons in life.