Questions you should never ask an astrologer

Questions you should never ask an astrologer

Posted on Feb 9, 2017 in Family

When thinking to see an astrologer, you might have in mind many questions, because you have the misconception that this specialist can answer you a wide variety of questions. It is true that people who work with divination tools as a pendulum, runes or tarot can offer you guidance and insight when it comes to helping you find your way, but this does not mean that they can support you in passing through all the difficulties you might have. You should know that there are some questions you will find no answer to when having a session of astrology Melbourne. You have to understand what questions are a definitely “no” during a session with an astrologer, because at that point you will be able to focus on things that are really important. Also, these questions might lead to a wrong chart interpretation, because the astrologer might want to help you, but they simply do not have the tools to do it.


You should not ask questions starting with “Am I”

This principle goes also with the questions that start with “Will I”, “Will she/he”. You have to understand that the planets have the power to influence you, but this does not mean that they will control your life. The astrologer will tell you that if you do not want to do something, you will not do it. Astrologers know for sure that nothing is carved in stone, so they cannot offer you answers for these questions. You are the one who prioritises things, so you are the one who decides if something will happen or not.

Do not ask the lottery numbers

This is one of the big disappointments people have when they hear that an astrologer will not tell them the lottery numbers. You have to understand that reading the charts will not help an astrologer find the lottery numbers. And let’s say that they can, do you think that they will tell them to you? If you want to find if you will have the luck to win at the lottery you can ask the astrologer if they can see any fortunate periods in your charts. Some aspects of the 5th house can indicate good luck for a person, and if they come in the same period with the ones from the second house, that points to income, you might think that you can win at the lottery.

You should not ask the astrologer when you will find your happiness

You should not wait your astrologer to take responsibility for the things that happen in your life. You are the one who has the needed power to decide what is going to happen in your life. If you want to be happy, then this is your responsibility. If you hang out with positive people and you focus on positive things, you will find your happiness. An astrologer could not help you with this aspect. You should try to understand what is going wrong in your life, and ask the astrologer if there are any aspects that can draw your happiness, and on which ones you should focus.