Scared of driving? Try these tips

Scared of driving? Try these tips

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Family

If you want to get your driver’s licence but you are extremely scared about getting into a car and simply move with it a little, then there are options for you that could definitely work. Fear of driving is just in your head and if you are confident enough on your learning abilities you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Taking some intensive driving courses to get used to how a car works and how traffic feels like when you are in charge should make it easier for you to concentrate. Here are some tips for focusing better on driving rather than being scared all the time of every pedestrian or car that passes by:



Checking the mirrors constantly, but not obsessively will help you stay relaxed about the surroundings. Turning your head around and above rather than stranding stiff at all times while your muscles are starting to get sore isn’t quite what you wish, especially when you are experiencing this kind of stress. You need to relax both mentally and physically in order to observe each detail around you for your own safety. While you are taking courses, keeping a relaxed atmosphere in the car while showing a lot of control regarding what is going on around will make your examiner trust you fully and not worry about your driving skills. Remember, you are here to learn and no one will punish you for making a mistake from time to time.

Traffic lights and stop signs

Practicing before the driver’s licence test should be focused on the stopping manoeuvre. You will encounter lots of traffic lights and stop signs that will force you to come and go numerous times. Having your car making trouble in the middle of the road will make you even more stressed and scared than before and this is why you should avoid skipping thoroughly learning how breaks and acceleration actually works. Learning the basics will give you a confidence boost and it will help you progress.

Road position

Another thing that new drivers need to make sure they follow is the road position. A poor road position will make experienced drivers around you honk all the time and you will be placed under mental pressure, which will add up to your fear. In order to make it disappear, you need to be completely sure of your skills. Watch road signs and markings and use the proper signals before you turn or change lanes. Try to get to know the car you are driving and everything will start coming naturally.

Slow driving versus excessive speed

Be careful with speed. Not knowing how to drive will either make you slow drive or exceed the limits. You need to start getting used to the speed limits in your area and drive accordingly. Not managing to do that will lead to serious consequences and you will be more scared than in the beginning. Try adjusting yourself properly and everything will be alright. Feel the car you are driving and trust it fully.