The use of amber rings in alternative medicine

The use of amber rings in alternative medicine

Posted on Nov 7, 2016 in Header, Shopping

There was a time when people didn’t rush in the doctor’s office to get treatment for a disease, they used plants, herbs or even certain rocks. Some pieces of jewelry like the amber rings had other purposes than just enhancing their look, they were used as pain relievers. Nowadays, many still follow some of the healing guidelines of the past, as they are adepts of the alternative medicine. As it is linked more to tradition and culture than to science itself, a well known stone as amber should occupy an important place in this domain. From ancient times up until the present, this gem was thought to be both healing and full of magical powers.

Succinum is actually the Latin word for resin, which is intensely used in alternative medicine to either release pain or to stimulate the organism in doing several actions like helping the neural system recover or building up a higher concentration level. Amber is exactly this, fossilized sap with healing powers. In Chinese medicine, wearing amber rings or other pieces of jewelry from this material can solve any issues regarding insomnia, amnesia or even epilepsy in children. It seems that the relaxation effect this stone has over the body is what brings together these three illnesses. The Chinese are of the opinion that the patient has to be fully calm, so he or she can enter a state of meditation in order to regain balance. Amber has a lot in common with other pine materials, which is why the Asians use it in healing formulas for rheumatism. However, in this case the fossil is turned into a liquor, which has a sweet taste. Actually, this is a solution used in Poland as well.

Even tough many practice the cures picked up from Asian handbooks, amber rings have their place in the European history. It is said that in the Middle Ages, amber craftsmen escaped the deadly effects of plaque, thanks to the smoke released by this stone. Moreover, the connection between the pine family and this sap was known  in this part of the world as well. That is why children were told to wear amber necklaces and drink pine sirup for sore throats. Furthermore, wound treatment has had a lot to gain from the use of amber in alternative medicine. It seems that turning the stone into powder can help regenerate the skin faster. Not to mention that an amber based remedy can be the solution for powerful headaches or inflammations. Jan Freyer, a Polish doctor, talked about the using amber in treating asthma or any other respiratory disorder.

Today, alternative medicine is not so much used as it was in prior times due to the many scientific discoveries, which have been made. Still, manufacturers are looking for new ways of incorporating this gem in the usual lifestyle, other than amber rings, necklaces or pendants. For instance, craftsmen have come up with pipes made up from this material, to reduce the damage smoking causes to the lungs. Many legends spin around this gem, some are true, others are merely old children tales. All in all, amber jewelry are not hard to come by on the market, so if you choose alternative medicine,then you could easily deal with some of your health issues this way.